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Medical Claims Processing/Practice managment

Electronic and paper Claims Filing - We have the capability to transmit claims electronically to over 2,500 insurance carriers nationwide. Claims are checked against updated editing criteria
specific to each carrier. Claims that cannot be submitted
electronically are submitted via paper claims.

Follow-up - At E-ZBill, claim follow-up is a priority. Our staff has the ability to get immediate claims denials for first-pass claims. Our staff regularly follows-up on the progress of your claims to make sure you are receiving prompt, correct payments. We then begin to track the life of the claim via our follow-up protocol. Claims are paid within 10-14 business days. If you don’t receive payment within this timeframe our staff will know what the problem is instantly and will work with you to gather all necessary information needed to get the claim paid.

Patient and Insurance Payment Posting - Payments go directly to your address! You will simply forward us a copy of the Explanation of Benefits (or comparable document), patient receipt, or completed day sheet. We will review all EOB's for accurate reimbursement, and then promptly post all payments to the appropriate accounts. If you prefer that we receive the payment, we will post it and will forward it directly
to you.

Patient Invoicing - Monthly statements are sent to patients with remaining balances.

Management Reports - We provide our clients with their choice of a multitude of management reports. Available reports include patient, procedure and payment day sheets, practice analysis, referring
provider reports, referral source reports, patient and insurance aging reports, and patient ledgers.

Handling Patient Billing Inquiries - We professionally handle
patient phone requests about their invoices, accounts, or general insurance questions.

Pricing - Please allow us to provide a competitive price quote tailored to your individual need for your practice.




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