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We know that your goal is to increase revenue and maintain efficiency.

E-ZBill, much like yourself, prefers to meet all challenges head on.

No looking the other way here. Our roots are in customer service and quality, and our focus is second to none.


E-ZBill is not your average billing company.

We offer technical training in:

Medical Coding, Practice Management, consulting and front office related training. We leave no stone unturned. Your office will become a well-oiled machine.


There aren’t any doctors on the E-ZBill staff, but we're good at curing administrative headaches. We’ve listed a few that are painful and invasive to say the least: Massive Overhead, Sick leave, Unemployment Insurance, Workers Comp Insurance, Vacations, Federal Tax, PTO, State Tax, Health insurance, FICA.
DO THE MATH! The savings can be tremendous!


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